Ultra Mask Technology


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Inspired by Mother nature, our fibers are infused with a natural anti-bacterial compound which is extracted from plant waste.

This compound is a powerful antioxidant that kills 99% of harmful bacteria by disrupting the cell wall.

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Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of 95%

Our Anti-bacterial fabric innovation proves bacterial filtration efficiency of 95% after 30 washes 

Kills 99% of bacterial

Bacteriostatic surface on the fabric killing 99.95% the bacterial, test results shows 0 bacterial colonies is maintained. 

Conducted by Nanyang Technological University Food Science and Technology Lab. 

Type of Face MaskNumber of Colonies
Black Cloth Mask (Unknown Brand)101
Commercial Surgical Mask with 99% BFE528
Ultra Mask Anti Bacterial Mask0

Commercial Surgical Mask
528 colonies

Ultra Mask Anti-bacterial Mask
0 colonies

Bacterial and germs

Bacteria gets into the air easily; when someone sneezes or coughs, tiny water or mucous droplets filled with bacteria scatter into the air, causing disease and/or making a condition worse. Whether you are traveling by air, train, bicycle, or simply walking, you are exposed to various types of bacteria in the air.

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Superior Fabric Technology

Our mask inner lining is made with a cooling and quick dry fabric to provide a cooling sensation and comfort for prolong usage. It absorbs perspiration and dries 37.5% faster than normal fabric.