Sustainability - Ultra Mask


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Sustainability is the heart of the design of the Ultra Mask. We partner with sustainable initiatives to protect the environment by reducing global waste and our carbon footprint.

Buying the Ultra Mask with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) logo means that you’re buying sustainably farmed cotton, from a brand that is committed to sourcing Better Cotton and investing in BCI Farmers.

The BCI is the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world that aims to make global cotton production better for the farmers who produce it, better for the environment it grows in, and better for the sector’s future.

Read more about BCI here .

The high-quality organic anti-bacterial compound finish on Ultra Mask is sustainably extracted from seeds through green extraction.

The natural organic anti-bacterial compound developed by scientists from the Food Science and Technology Programme at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore contains powerful antioxidants found in seeds. In lab tests done at NTU, the compound killed 99 per cent of harmful bacteria by disrupting their cell walls.

Obtaining high-value ingredients from organic parts discarded during food processing, such as stems, seeds and husks, is an innovative way that can contribute towards a sustainable circular food economy.

Using green processes to obtain these ingredients is also more sustainable, as typical organic anti-bacterial solutions require the use of harsh chemicals such as solvents or use ions obtained from various metals such as silver.

Ultra Mask is made of 100% Organic Cotton yarn fibres which is farmed using organic farming practices by farmers and continues to have low environmental impact. Buying our mask supports the organic farming community and we thank you for your support.

Our masks are made of organic dyes and natural organic anti-bacterial; these materials keep our environment sustainable. No skin irritation and provides comfortable hypoallergenic wear.